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Frequently Asked Stoneline Questions

Frequently Asked Stoneline Questions

What is the difference between the original Stoneline and other "Stone" cookware?

Stoneline is the original stone particle non-stick surface designed in Germany and sold in over 70 countries around the world. There are many products out there on the market claiming to be "Stone" cookware, but some of these are actually ceramic and may not contain stone at all. Although these pans have been made to look exactly like the original Stoneline, they are not, and we recommend you take care not be fooled by imitations. The Original Stoneline contains actual stone particles in the surface and this has been independently verified. You can always call us to check on 0800 786635.

We've had quite a few inquiries recently from our customers regarding Flavor stone and other 'blue' stone pans. Despite common confusion -these are not variations of our Stoneline Cookware. The sky is blue, the sea is blue, stones are not blue. (Not the cooking on kind anyway ;))

We here at Stoneline NZ offer an extensive range of Stoneline Cookware from individual pans, roasters, griddles and woks all the way through to complete cookware sets. We also have live demonstrations throughout NZ (see our Events section for when we are in your area) where you can see for yourself why Stoneline is so good, find out more information from our experienced dedicated agents, and tailor a cookware package to suit your needs at great prices. We also have website deals, subscriber updates, exclusive subscriber specials, plus email and phone support through 0800 786 635. AND there is still the original Stoneline 12 Year Guarantee (note: only available for original Stoneline Cookware purchased from Stoneline NZ) where we stand behind the quality of our cookware.

What is the difference between the original Stoneline and Stonedine Cookware?

Stonedine looks very similar to the original Stoneline. Stonedine NZ is a separate brand and is sold by Brand Developers through TV advertising. Stonedine 'Stonecote' is different to the original Stoneline with a different surface composition and is manufactured differently. Stonedine is currently only available in a limited range with separate specials and offers through Brand Developers. The original Stoneline Cookware is sold by Stoneline New Zealand and is available at locations and events throughout NZ (see our Events section) as well as through our website and over the phone. The original Stoneline is also sold in over 70 countries around the world and the original Stoneline cookware comes backed with our Stoneline 12 Year Guarantee.

How can I tell if my Stoneline is the original patented stone coating?

To ensure you’re receiving genuine original Stoneline cookware, always find the ‘Stoneline original’ hologram sticker on the box. This sticker can put your worries to rest as it shows you have purchased genuine Stoneline cookware.

What is Stoneline made of?

Our pans are made of cast aluminium and stainless steel with a magnetised stainless steel alloy base (suitable for induction). The lids are made from tempered glass with Bakelite handles. All black plastic handles on the pans are Bakelite as well. Silver handles on our professional range of pans are stainless steel.

What’s in the stone coating?

The Stoneline coating consists of crushed particles of rock which are mixed with a non-stick element to produce the highest level of durability and abrasion resistance providing with top quality non-stick cookware. The stone mixed in the coating bonds completely with the non-stick material meaning Stoneline cookware’s surface gives you the full benefits of cooking on natural hot stone.

What is special about the base?

Stoneline Cookware has a very thick stainless steel alloy base (4.5 mm), which absorbs heat in an optimal way for best cooking results. It also has extraordinary conductivity characteristics, which reduces the cooking-time, so that it is more energy efficient. The small circles are designed to circulate the heat evenly through the pan to avoid hot spots.

Do you need oil in cooking to keep foods from sticking?

Absolutely no oil or butter is needed to retain non-stick during cooking. It is the best steak or fish pan ever as it browns food and doesn’t broil like many competitors. The only oil needed in the pan is when you are seasoning the surface, information on seasoning can be found in our care and use guide. Extra oil or butter can be added with care for flavour purposes will not damage the pan as long as it doesn’t burn in the pan. See our care and use guide for recommended oils. 

What cooking surfaces will Stoneline work on?

Stoneline can be used on induction cook tops as well as all traditional cook top surfaces including gas, ceramic and electric.

How do I clean Stoneline Cookware? Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Like all non-stick cookware, we do not recommend putting Stoneline in the dishwasher because of the harsh detergents. Stoneline is easy to clean, you can wipe out excess food with a paper towel or for more ‘messy’ foods we recommend hand washing with a nylon brush or “Scotch-Brite” type cleaning pad. Remember to re-season your pan after washing with detergents – information on seasoning can be found in our care and use guide.

Can I put Stoneline cookware in the oven?

The pots, pans and lids are safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/180 degrees Celsius. NEVER put a hot pan straight into cold water as it may cause the cookware coating to crack. Also be aware that handles will become hot in the oven, follow your usual method of getting hot items out of the oven (a tea-towel, oven-mitts, etc). For some of our cookware items -professional pan sets and Roasters, there is a higher oven temperature limit. Please read an individual items description for these exceptions. 

What about if I’m grilling something in the oven?

We recommend wrapping the handles in tine foil, shiny side out to protect them.

Can I use metal tools?

We recommend silicone, wood or similar tools for best care of your cookware.

Can I cut in the pan?

It’s not recommended as the surface will suffer some damage, any metal is likely to scratch or damage the surface just like other non-stick cookware surfaces.

My pan is losing its non-stick feel. What do I do?

If you have cleaned your cookware with detergents or put it in the dishwasher, you may feel it is losing its natural non-stick feeling. If so, re-oil the pan. Take a paper towel and wipe oil on the surface while cold. Wipe out any excess. This will re-season the pan.

Does Stoneline have a Warranty?

Yes. Stoneline guarantees the cookware to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal private use and service for a period of 12 years. Further details and conditions of our warranty may be found in your purchase invoice. Refunds will not be given for change of mind.

NB: Your tax invoice is your proof of purchase for warrantee claims. Please keep it somewhere safe so if something does arise you can provide these details for us.

Being a stone coating does this mean the pots & pans are very heavy?

No! Stoneline has a very unique coating which allows it to be super tough and durable but consequently not heavy in weight! In general, Stoneline is only slightly heavier than normal cookware.

Can I purchase products online?

Yes you can, please click here and you will be re-directed to our online shop

Can I purchase Stoneline products individually?

Yes. We have a huge selection of both sets and individual products; pots, pans, roasters, woks and griddles as well as kitchen accessories. You can browse and buy all of these products in our online store.

Do you attend shows and events where I can see the cookware in action?

Yes we do, we try to attend all major shows within New Zealand and Australia. All events we are attending are listed in our events calendar. Give us a call anytime to find out where we will be next 0800 786 635.

I have purchased online, how long can I expect for delivery?

We aim to have orders processed as quickly as possible. Delivery is within 2-10 working days; one of our staff members will contact you should there be potential delays. Please note, if you have chosen to pay by internet banking or cheque -the delivery time starts from when payment is cleared with us.

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